Tuesday, 28 April 2015  
Steam is reversing its paid mods feature just days after being introduced

The short-lived feature allowed modders to sell creations for cash on Steam Workshop.

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Bloodborne story trailer is typically moody

PS4 exclusive due out on March 24.
Bloodborne is just over a month away from launch and Sony has released a new Story trailer to whet your appetite for the ball-busting adventure from the makers of Dark Souls.

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The Order: 1886 'behind the scenes' video spotlights the cast

Ready At Dawn discusses the characters in its PS4 exclusive.
Ready at Dawn has released another video in its 'behind the scenes' series for The Order: 1886.

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New trailer for Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament
Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae gameplay video
Aganos arrives in Killer Instinct next week - trailer
The Order: 1886 - see the first 25 minutes
UK Chart: Call of Duty retains top spot
GTA V discounted in this week's Xbox Deals With Gold
Xbox One Upload Studio update rolls out - video
Project Cars release date delayed slightly
The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth DLC adds '100-200 hours' of new content
Developer Rachel Byrk Commits Suicide After Months of Cyber Bullying

On April 23 prominent game developer Rachel Byrk committed suicide following months of cyber-bullying telling her to jump from a bridge. Byrk, suffered constant abuse for being transgendered from the gaming communities she was a part of. Before her death she made huge contributions to the Gamecube and Wii emulator community. Doing work for Dolphin to improve the system all around.

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The payment feature has now officially been removed from the Steam Workshop

According to a post in the official Steam Workshop group here, the payment feature has now been removed from the Steam Workshop.

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