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Simon the Sorcerer retrospective: How a classic was conjured up

We take a look back at vintage point-and-click adventure Simon the Sorcerer.

Golden Joysticks 2014: Full list of winners

Dark Souls II crowned Game of the Year, Hideo Kojima receives Lifetime Achievement.
Dark Souls II took home the most coveted award at the 32nd Annual Golden Joystick Awards presented by Green Man Gaming, which was held at London's O2 Arena on Friday.


Hideo Kojima wins Golden Joystick Lifetime Achievement award

Metal Gear Solid creator recognised for contribution to gaming.
Hideo Kojima received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award at the 32nd Annual Golden Joystick Awards presented by Green Man Gaming, which were held at London's O2 Arena on Friday.


New Bloodborne trailer released
The Witcher 3 opening cinematic revealed at Golden Joysticks
New Project Cars trailer debuts at Golden Joysticks
Far Cry 4 trailer explores Kyrat's midlands, Himalayas
NCsoft confirms layoffs across western branches
LIVE: Watch the 32nd Annual Golden Joystick Awards
Super Smash Bros Wii U Amiibo trailer released
Codemasters announces Toybox Turbos for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC - Trailer
Outlast 2 in development
The Scariest Thing in Gaming is How Underwhelming these Consoles are

Bravo to the vigilant and patient gamers out there. Your unwaveringness has saved you hundreds of dollars as you continue to bask in the glory of the PS3 and Xbox 360, two consoles still at the top of their game.


Analysis: Worldwide PS4 sales at least 40 percent better than Xbox One

Getting an accurate read on how well the new generation of consoles is selling is a difficult job, and it's complicated by sporadic and sometimes vague numbers provided by the console makers themselves. After taking a dive into the most recent numbers, Ars estimates that the PlayStation 4 has sold at least 42 percent more units worldwide than the Xbox One through September. This makes Sony's system responsible for at least 59 percent of hardware sales in the two-console market (PS4 and Xbox One).


Why do installations take longer on the Xbox One?
PS4s Share Play feature in action new video
Someone's made P.T. for Xbox One in Project Spark
USA Pre-Order Chart Ending 18th October (Big Update in Numbers)
Driveclub has become PS4s biggest liability
SWTOR Datamined Abilities [Spreadsheet]
In Space We Brawl Initially Ran at 680 FPS on PS4; Maybe its Too Powerful
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Let's look at each game console's lineup of exclusives for holiday 2014
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